• Lamb is our main product, and we are proud to offer all cuts. Our choice of breed is Southdown. The Southdown Lamb is a heritage breed dating back to the 1700's in old England, and has become known as the 'Aberdeen Angus' of the sheep industry due to its ability to flesh out a small carcass. Our lamb is selected from quality ewes and/or purchased and put on a controlled feed program to produce a tender mild flavored meat. Lamb can be purchased whole, or broken down into sub primal cuts. Consumer ready packaging on cuts is available for certain markets.
  • Sheep (mutton) is also available whole or sides.



  • Beef is a growing segment of our business. We feed beef cattle at our farm, and work with local farmers as well to give us a consistent supply of quality beef ranging from AA-AAA. Angus is the standard beef we process here in addition to a breed known as 'Speckle Park' which was founded in Canada, with heritage roots in UK.  Our beef is dry aged minimum 21-28 days, as well as custom aging for up to 100 days. Beef is processed and hung in our coolers in sides, and can be broken down to smaller individual cuts. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate you with whole carcass, sub-primals or restaurant ready portioned pieces.