About Us

Located in Millgrove Ontario, Beverly Creek is a 'farm to table' business growing livestock, processing and supplying fresh meat products with lamb being the focus. It is a family owned business managed by Jon and Sharon Hardwick along with their son Trent. Many dedicated employees and a well equipped facility make this a reputable business in the fresh meat industry. The entire handling, killing and processing is managed and operated by Beverly Creek employees.

Started in 2001  as a beef cattle operation, Beverly Creek shifted their focus when a shortage of quality lamb in store presented them with a unique opportunity. With previous experience raising lambs it was an easy transition and they began finishing lambs to market weight as well as building up a flock for breeding purposes.

With hard work and determination we have recently built a new abattoir which is one of the best in the province, and continue to grow as we provide meat products to the restaurant and retail industry.

Humane handling has always been of utmost importance to us. All animals on our farm are given space to move around, dry shelter from the elements and green pasture when in season. We strive to raise quality livestock and provide the food industry with consistent quality meat.